Members and guests welcome to attend.

  • 9.00am on the third Saturday of the month

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What is farmgun?

A. The word farmgun is a slang term used to describe any non-elite or cheap shotgun that you would find hanging over the farmhouse mantlepiece.

Q. What is the Farmgun Section?

A. The farmgun section is a fun clay-target competition at the Brisbane Branch of the SSAA, where the competitors use basic and inexpensive shotguns. It operates under the SSAA Shotgun rule book as a SSAA Sporting Clays course of fire.

Q. Which shotguns are used?

A. Some of the common shotguns used are:

Single barrel (break action, bolt action or lever action)
Double barrel, side by side (single trigger or double trigger)
.410 bore
Black powder

Q Can I use an under and over or semi-automatic shotgun?

A. No. You are welcome to use your under and over or semi-automatic shotgun in the afternoon practice session after lunch, but not in the morning competition session.

Q What if I don’t have a farmgun?

A. Come along anyway. As long as you are respectful to other people’s gear, there is a good chance that someone will be happy to lend you one.

Q Why should I compete in the farmgun section, compared to the other clay-target sections?

A. Some of the attractions are:

Inexpensive start-up (retail second-hand farmgun from $90 to $150)
Variety of layouts and targets
Supportive fun atmosphere, with encouragement and coaching


  • 7.00am - Setup crew start
    • 8.00am - Sign on counter open
    • 9.00am - Early squad kicks-off
    • 10.00am - Sign on counter closed (but you can sign on at main range and bring your receipt as proof)
    • 11.00am - Ladies and Coaching squad kicks-off
    • 12.30pm - Competition squads complete
    • 1.00pm - Social practice using fixed traps if anyone interested (BYO targets and range officers)
    • 5.00pm - All shooting complete


A variety of skeet and trap stations, based on 25 targets.

Special Competitions

The November competition is the Clem Sorohan Memorial shoot. A Sporting Clays like layout is used, based on 30 targets

Contact Details

Check the current SSAA Brisbane Range Directory, for the current Section Captains contact details.

Competition Culture

The farmgun section is a fun competition. Of course safety is serious, but outside of safety, the competition has a light and friendly atmosphere.

Things to Note

  • The 11.00am time slot is reserved for a Ladies' competition, or anyone who would like coaching in a non rushed environment.
  • We celebrate Winter Solstice in the June Competition, and stay back for a meal and night around the camp fire.
  • We share a meal, followed by a night shoot in the December competition.

General Information

New competitors (particularly ladies and juniors) are welcome. Both new and experienced competitors walk and compete in the same squad. For new shooters of clay-targets, it’s common to start slow, before being competitive. It’s important to focus on the fun side, and let the scores slowly improve as you gain experience and your confidence grows. Farmgun provides that kind of environment.

Low Field

Low Field Shotgun Event
Frequently asked questions –

Q.    What is Low Field?
A.    Low Field uses a trap house and the participants stand to the side of it instead of behind.

Q.    Why participate in Low Field?
A.    Low Field is a fun event for the new or inexperienced who wish to experience the fun of clay target shooting.  Experienced shooters use the event mostly for practice.  Safety is first and foremost, but outside of safety, the event has a light and friendly atmosphere.

Q.    Which shotguns are used?
A.    All and any if you have a licence for it.

Q.    What if I don’t have a shotgun?
A.    Come along anyway.  As long as you are respectful to other people’s gear, there is a good chance that someone will be happy to lend you one.

Q.    What do you need to participate?
A.    To shoot Low Field you will need to have hearing and eye protection.  SSAA range rules also make it mandatory to wear covered in shoes.  You will need current photo ID if unlicensed, or current firearms licence.  Juniors must be accompanied by an adult and also have current photo ID.

When and Where
SSAA Brisbane at the Belmont Shooting Complex, entrance on Mt. Petrie Road, Belmont.

3rd Saturday of each month

12.30pm – Sign on counter open (if you have signed on at the main range, bring your receipt as proof)

1.00pm – First squad kicks-off

5.00pm – All shooting completed or when the last squad is finished.

General Information
Both new and experienced competitors can compete in the same squad.  For new shooters of clay targets, it is common to start slow, before trying to be competitive.  It is important to focus on the fun side, and let the scores slowly improve as you gain experience and your confidence grows.  Low Field provides that kind of environment.


  • 1.00pm third Saturday of every month

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Shotgun - Nights

Shotgun - Nights permits the use of any smoothbore shotgun up to 12-gauge to shoot clay targets.

  • 7.00pm first Friday of every month

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Skeet shooting is shot over nine shooting pads positioned in a semicircle between a high tower trap 3m above ground on one side and a low trap at ground level on the other side. The flight and speed of the targets is fixed, but as shooters move around the shooting pads, they are presented with a variety of single and double targets at different angles.

  • 9.00am second Sunday of every month

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Sporting Clays

Competition is held twice each month starting

  • 9.00am third Sunday of the month
  • 7.00pm third Wednesday of the month

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What is Sporting Clays?

Sporting clays is one of the fastest growing clay target shooting events conducted word wide. Targets are set to simulate hunting type situations. (Springing teal, running rabbits, driven grouse, landing ducks to name a few). Whilst participating on a SSAA range, SSAA competition rules apply.

How and when are events run?

SSAA Brisbane conducts a sporting clays event on the third Sunday of each month starting at 9.00am and are generally finished by 3.30pm. It is set up and shot from 5 different stands around the clubs shotgun range. Each stand consists of 5 targets, 3 single targets shot double barrel (2 shots each) and 1 pair (1 shot each). Targets are a mixture of right and left crossers as well as out goers and incomers. Extremely good use is made of our tower and permanent trap fixtures as well as 14 mobile traps. Various coloured and size targets are used (Red, Orange, Green, White, and Yellow). Three rounds of 25 targets are shot on the day (75 targets in total)


Throughout the year several competitions are conducted where trophies are presented to the winners. SSAA National Grading System is used in all competitions (AA, A, B, C and Junior).

  • June: Presidents Cup
  • July: Annual Side by Side Shoot
  • September: Cyril Dewhurst Memorial Shoot
  • October: Clem Sorohan Memorial Shoot
  • December: Combined Christmas shoot and trophy presentation

Range safety

Range safety is managed by qualified Range Officer’s who have successfully completed training courses and have been accredited by SSAA Brisbane range management. Whilst on the range you will be required to take safety directions from the duty Range Officer. The Section Shoot Captain coordinates all activities.

What do you need to participate?

To shoot sporting clays you will need to have a 12, 16, 20, 28 gauge or .410 calibre shot gun capable of firing 2 shells, a shooting jacket or bag to carry cartridges in, hearing and eye protection. SSAA range rules also make it mandatory to wear covered in shoes. Shot shells size 6, 7, 7.5, 8 or 9 only are allowed on the range for safety reasons. Loads from 24 gram up to 32gram loads (7/8oz, 1oz & 1 1/8oz)


  • Adults - $33.00 18 years and over
  • Pensioners - $30.00 Must show Pension Card
  • Juniors - $15.00 11 years to 17 years
  • Brisbane members with range pass - $23.00
  • The costs cover the range user fee and targets.

Sign on

  • Licensed Shooters - To sign on you will need to have your relevant state shooters licence, membership cards are these are required to be shown when signing the Range Register. Competition score cards are completed and signed after each event.
  • Unlicensed Shooters - There is provision for unlicensed shooters to participate and you will need to produce current photo id and complete a “form 33” when signing the range register. Unlicensed shooters will be accompanied by one of our Range Officers at all times whilst shooting.

Range Safety Video

Please watch this safety video before visiting our range.

training video

Range Hours

Monday to Thursday: 1pm-5pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 8am-5pm

Range closed: Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day & half Anzac Day

Public Holidays Excluding Mondays: 8am-5pm

Office Open: Monday-Friday: 9am-4pm

Apply for membership

PDF  SSAA Membership Application 







25th MARCH 2018
8:00am - 5:00pm
There will be a closure of the shooting complex to occur during construction of a media tower on Mt Petrie.
The closure will be from 5th February - 22nd March 2018
Monday to Thursday 6.00am to 6.00pm.
The closure will not affect scheduled night, shotgun and air pistol competitions, and weekends.
Please check our website for further updates
We apologise for the inconvenience.
The SSAA Brisbane office will be open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm


During the Commonwealth Games
25th March to 15th April 2018
The following range restrictions will apply
•Shotgun range closed
•Going beyond 300m on the rifle range
For more details and scheduled competitions
please check our website calendar