For more information on cartridges suitable for use at SSAA Brisbane please check the table HERE

Trainee Pistol Shoot Cancelled 28/02/24

To Members,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Trainee Shoot 28/02/24 has been cancelled due to the Licensed supervisor's availability. The next shoot will be 07/03/24.

We apologise for the inconvenience. 

Office closed Monday 29th January 2024

We advise that the Administration Office will be closed on Monday, 29th January, 2024.

The range will be open for shooting as usual from 1.00pm.

No photo description available.

2024 Australia Day - Range Closed

We advise that the Range and Admin Office will be closed on Australia Day, Friday 26th January 2024, and therefore there will be no practice or competitions on this day.

The range will be open over the weekend as normal.

SSAA Brisbane 2023 AGM Notice 

SSAA Brisbane Annual General Meeting will be held on the 27th NOVEMBER 2023 at 7.00 pm

Ekka Wednesday Public Holiday - Daytime Bonus Pig & Plate Shoot

On the EKKA Wednesday public holoday (16th August 2023) there will be a Pig & Plate Practice Competition Shoot starting at 1:00pm. It’s a pity that Ekka Wednesday is the same day as our regular shoot this year. This shoot is in addition to the regular shoot held that night. Only the evening shoot will count for trophies, this is a bonus practice shoot (scores will be kept for bragging rights). If you wish to attend, please follow the link below to book in. Bookings are already open.

Friday Morning Pistol Silhouette

To make a booking for any of the Friday Morning Silhouette please follow either of the two links below

8:00am Shoot 10:30am Shoot

Pistol Section Rolling Competition Guidelines

Reminder: Only one postal shoot per calendar month for each class of firearm held will count as a competition shoot.

For more information regarding the Rolling competition follow the link below.

Rolling Competition Information.

Pistol Section Participation Return

Click Here to lodge your participation return

05/06/2023 Office Closed.

The office will be closed from 3:00pm today only 05/06/2023. Range Hours will not be affected.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

23/05/2023 General Meetings

From June 2023, club General Meetings on the 4th Monday of the month will commmence at 7:00pm. MORE INFORMATION

26/04/2023 - Range Hours Sunday 30/04

Range hours for Sunday 30/04/2023 will be different than normal. Please check carefully when making a booking.

Sunday sessions should return to normal the following week.

24/04/2023 Casual Range Booking

Due to the public holiday, casual shooting sessions will be made available on the website Wednesday 26th April, rather than the usual Tuesday.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

31/03/2023 Range Weather Station

SSAA Brisbane has recently installed a weather station at the range to help our shooters keep track of weather conditions when they are shooting. Air Temperature, humidity & pressure. Wind speed & direction.

Follow the link below, or scan the QR code at the shop when you attend the range.

14/03/2023  Anzac Day - 25 April 2023

Armistice Centenary War Memorial - Anzac Day Service 

More information

14/03/2023 Changes to Regular Range Activities 

22/02/2023 - 2023 Harry Madden Championship & Barry Edgley Trophy.

Harry Madden Memorial Benchrest Championships in conjunction with Barry Edgley Trophy

1st & 2nd April 2023


23/01/2023 Range Closed 

The range will be closed Monday 30th January, Due to the ongoing electrical upgrades. Range hours will continue as usual from Wednesday 1st February.
Continue to check our website for further information and ongoing updates on range availability and to make a booking.

20/01/2023 Australia Day - Closed

We advise that the Range and Admin Office will be closed on Australia Day, Thursday 26th January 2023, and therefore there will be no practice or competitions on this day.

The range and office will be open on Friday and the weekend as per normal.


01/12/22 December/January Range Availability

Click Here To Book A Casual Range Attendance

Dec-Jan  Pistol Section Calendar

X-MAS Range Hours

18/10/22 Shooting Silhouette Swingers

The shooting of Steel Silhouette swingers is no longer permitted from the concrete benches, all shooting of the fixed steel targets/swingers is to occur from the Standing Post Area only. 

This action has been taken to prevent conflict of scheduled matches occurring on the silhouette range and to eliminate any chance of non-compliance (angle limitations and cross-firing). We have expanded capacity on non-competition days to shoot the fixed steel targets from the PORTABLE benches in the Standing Post Area and allow a more consistent approach for utilization of this area.

28/09/2022 SSAA Brisbane AGM

SSAA Brisbane Annual General Meeting will now be held on the 28th November 2022 at 7.30pm

Click here to make a booking

Click here to view the official AGM notice

Click here to view the updated AGM notice (including nominees)

27/09/2022  Kings Birthday Public holiday - Range Open 8:00 pm - 1:30 pm

SSAA Brisbane will be open for casual shooting on the October 3rd Public holiday - Range Open 8:00 pm - 1:30 pm (2 sessions)

If you wish to attend please CLICK HERE to make a booking

23/09/2022 Pistol Range Closed 26-28 September

The drain construction on the pistol range has been delayed due to the weather and therefore the pistol range will remain closed to all daytime shooting activities from Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th September, 2022.  All practice session bookings during this time will be cancelled.  

The pistol range will be available for use over the weekend, 24th & 25th September, 2022.  Black powder scheduled matches will be able to proceed as usual.  Practice sessions will be limited to range availability.  The online bookings will be updated to reflect range availability.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we are improving the pistol range.  During the construction phase, please remain clear of the drain area.


We advise that the reconstruction of the pistol range drain works is being carried out from the 19th-23rd September, 2022.  During this time all daytime activities will be cancelled.  It is expected that night shoots will not be affected, however, we will advise members by email if this changes. We do not expect that weekend shoots will be affected, however, we will advise members by email if this changes also.  


We advise that the office and clubroom will be closed from 12.00pm-5.00pm on Thursday, 15th September, 2022 for a private service.

The ranges will continue to operate normally during this time.

18/08/2022 August General Meeting

SSAA Brisbane General Meeting has been moved to the 5th Monday for August. 29/08/2022.

05/08/2022  EKKA Wednesday - Range Open 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

SSAA Brisbane will be open for casual shooting On Ekka Wednesday (10th August 2022) from 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm. If you wish to attend please CLICK HERE to make a booking

05/08/2022   Pig & Plate Practice Competition Shoot

On Ekka Wednesday (10th August 2022) there will be a Pig & Plate Practice Competition Shoot starting at 9 am. If you wish to attend please follow the link to book in. Click here to book




2022 SSAA Brisbane Sporting Clays - Presidents Cup (Sunday 19th June 2022)

Click here to book


Empty Chamber Indicator

From 1st July 2022, Empty Chamber Indicators are to be used in all rifles to show clear.  The flags are available for purchase from the shop.

This includes all rifles used at SSAA Brisbane including competition or casual practice on all ranges.  We ask that all shoot captains and range officers assist with the introduction of the use of Empty Chamber Indicators.


Range Open again

Range Open from 1:00 pm today. Follow the link below to make a booking.


Range Closure

Due to the ongoing rainfall, the SSAA Brisbane Range will be closed to all activities from 5:00pm Friday 13th May to  Monday 16th May 2022. We will then re-assess the condition of the range. Stay safe and dry this weekend.

Friday 13/05/22 All ranges closed from 5:00pm
Saturday 14/05/22 All ranges closed
Sunday 15/05/22 All ranges closed
Monday 16/05/22 All ranges closed to assess the condition of the range

All competition bookings will be moved to next month’s shoot. If you would prefer a refund, please let me know by reply email and I can arrange it.

Please check our website and Facebook page for further updates.

SSAA Brisbane



Unfortunately, SSAA Brisbane has withdrawn from hosting State and National Championships until further notice. For enquiries about the 2022 Lever Action State Championships please contact the SSAA Qld State Office

12/04/2022 14:15AM


2/04/2022 09:30AM


There will be a delay in posting casual shooting sessions on the booking system. Check back later today.


ANZAC Day Service

Attend this year’s ANZAC Day and be part of the commemorations at the Armistice Centenary War Memorial, Belmont Shooting Complex, on the 25th of April 2022. New this year, there will be a march of veterans, school students, and other groups preceding the service. Descendants are invited to join the march.

The newly constructed memorial walls at the War Memorial will be consecrated and the new structures will be officially opened by Mr Ross Vasta MP and Mr Mark Farrow, President of the Belmont Site Users’ Association.




Range Access

Walking up the right side of the rifle range has been temporarily fenced off. Accessing targets beyond 50m must be by walking up the road in the centre of the range, 

The following target frames on the rifle range are also temporarily not accessible

  • 200m - 27,28,29,30
  • 100m - 29, 30 


March General Meeting Cancelled

General Meeting tonight has been cancelled due to current weather warnings. Please stay safe,


Covid-19 Vaccination Status

Dear Members

SSAA Brisbane is pleased to advise that, in line with other clubs within the Belmont Shooting Complex and Qld Government guidelines, the range is now open to both COVID-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

We welcome all members and visitors to the range and recommend using our online bookings to secure your position and information on range open times and session times.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Temporary Range Restrictions - UPDATE

With the ongoing monitoring of noise emissions from the Belmont Shooting Complex and measures taken to date, from Tuesday, 22nd March, 2022, SSAA Brisbane has removed the barrel length restriction and will continue to monitor noise emissions. 



Due to power disruptions next Thursday (24/03/2022) the range will be closed. The range will instead be open Tuesday (22/03/2022) afternoon for casual shooting. Click here to make a booking


The elevator is temporarily out of order until further notice,


Range Open

Due to the current condition of the range following the wild weather we have experienced in Brisbane; the club has had to set some limitations on the use of the range from Wednesday the 9th March 2022, until further notice. FOR MORE INFORMATION - CLICK HERE



Range Closed - Until Further Notice

The SSAA Brisbane Range continues to be affected by the ongoing weather conditions and will be closed to all activities until Tuesday 8th March 2022. We will then re-assess the condition of the range.

Please check our website and Facebook page for further updates.


SSAA Qld State Championships are being held at SSAA Brisbane this year 2022. Registration form is available to download here


Range Closed - Until Further Notice

SSAA Brisbane has experienced a phenomenal amount of rain and we hope that everyone is staying safe.  The SSAA Brisbane Range has had some damage from the rainfall and will be closed to all activities this week Monday to Friday as we assess the damage and carry out some repairs.

We will be re-assessing the range later in the week and hope to be able to open with limited access and modified competitions from the weekend onwards.  Please check our website and Facebook page for further updates.


THE RANGE IS CLOSED Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th & Monday 28th February

Due to weather conditions. All casual range booking fees will be refunded. Please allow a couple of business days for this to appear in your bank account.


Update: Temporary noise restrictions

It has been 12 months since we introduced the ‘temporary rifle restrictions’ to help manage our noise emissions. To date, this appears to have reduced the number of complaints relating to noise, however, we are aware that another club on the site is being monitored for excessive noise and complaints received by Brisbane City Council. We have trialled various suggested methods of noise dampening with little to no success at our designated testing location. We are hopeful that the new noise testing being scheduled now will provide us with new information that may allow us to ease restrictions on the types of firearms permitted on the rifle range

For more information on the temporary noise restrictions at SSAA Brisbane CLICK HERE


Vaccination Update

Now that Qld has reached 90% fully vaccinated for COVID-19, the club is awaiting Qld Health and SSAA Qld State Office to update current directives issued to all SSAA Branches before assessing the current club policy


Brisbane Junior Target Shooters

Junior Section page has been added to the website. LINK  Details about the section, and what shooting they do, along with the ability to book into the shoot through the website.


16/12/21 (no longer valid)

Apologies for the late notice.

Please follow the link below for information regarding range attendance & vaccination status at SSAA Brisbane from 17th December 2021.

Click here for more information



SSAA Brisbane- Range Hours Xmas 2021 & New Year CLICK HERE


Range usage from 17th December 2021 update coming soon. 


Reminder that not all Pistol Section shoots are held over the December & January months. CLICK HERE for the list of shoots that will be on.


There is a new way to view the clubs pistol calendar. CLICK HERE


SSAA Brisbane AGM will now be held on 13/12/2021. CLICK HERE for more information.


Queensland restrictions at 80% double-dose vaccination

The information filtering through in relation to double dose vaccine mandate is not 100% clear, as the Public Health Direction has not been released as yet.

The information we have received indicates that the double dose vaccine mandate does not apply to community sport, however, this was advice and is still to be confirmed.

As soon as the Public Health Direction is released and we have the official advice, we will advise our members and update our website. 

CLICK HERE for more information


80% of eligible Queenslanders have now received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine 

That means you no longer need to wear a mask indoors, including in schools, cafés, pubs, clubs, hairdressers and workplaces.

Don’t throw your mask away - you’ll still need it on planes and at airports, and we strongly encourage you keep wearing them on public transport, in rideshares and anywhere you can’t physically distance. 

CLICK HERE for more information


Please make sure you keep up to date with the latest contact tracing information before attending the range. CLICK HERE for more information


We are experiencing NBN issues at the range. This iss affecting out internet connection, Emails and Phone calls. please be patient as our service provider works on the problem.


SSAA Brisbane AGM will be held on 22/11/2021. CLICK HERE for more information


The office will be closed on Tuesday, 31st August and Wednesday 1st September, while we upgrade our IT systems. Please do not attend the office for member services on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. The range will be open for practice as per usual on Wednesday from 1.00pm, and any scheduled competitions will not be affected.


Casual range booking re-commence from Monday. Sessions available for Monday 23rd and Wednesday 25th August. Further dates will become available on Tuesday 24th August at 10am.



The Premier announced today that the strict conditions implemented for the recently impacted Local Government Areas (LGAs) will be lifted at 4pm Friday 20th August 2021, which is earlier than previously advised.  So what does this mean for SSAA Brisbane branch operations?  Many people have made alternate arrangements for this weekend as the range was closed during the No Community Sport Restrictions, and it is difficult to recall the required staff and range officers needed to open this weekend. Therefore PRACTICE ON ALL RANGES WILL REMAIN CLOSED FOR THE WEEKEND

For more information for activities at the SSAA Brisbane branch this weekend CLICK HERE Please check the website for booking competitions and practice for the week commencing 23rd August, 2021.


Bookings to attend the range will become available once the next round of easing of restrictions have been released by Qld Health. This is expected to be after 22nd August 2021. CLICK HERE to view the current restrictions.


We have received further advice from the Belmont Shooting Complex Site Manager and Department of Sport and Recreation in relation to restrictions involving Community Sport from 9th August to 22nd August 2021.  The intent was to return to Stage 1 of May 2020.  Whilst 10 maximum in total may attend, including staff and range officers, it is unlikely this is viable (financially) or fair (unable to cater for demand).  Many State Sporting Organisations are strongly encouraging people not to attend for any form of practice or training at their venues.  

THE RANGE WILL BE CLOSED TO ALL COMPETITIONS AND PRACTICE FROM 9TH AUGUST TO 22ND AUGUST 2021.  The office will be open for member services Monday to Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm.



The good news is the lockdown has been lifted as from 4pm Sunday, 8th August, 2021, however restrictions are in place for the next 2 weeks.  This includes no community sport.  Therefore, the range will be CLOSED TO ALL COMPETITIONS AND PRACTICE from now to Sunday 22nd August 2021.  The office will be open for member services.   If attending the office masks are to be worn.

Stay Safe


SSAA Brisbane

31/07/2021 (updated 02/08/2021)


The Premier has announced from 4pm today, Saturday 31st July, 11 South-East Qld local government areas will enter a hard lockdown until 4pm on Tuesday 3rd August.

This Lockdown has been extended to 4pm on Sunday 8th August.

Therefore, the range and the office will be closed and all shooting activities cancelled during the lockdown.



All Shoots occuring from Sunday 1/08/2021 and 08/08/2021 (inc) have been cancelled. Most bookings have been simply moved to the September date. If you have made a bookings your should have received an email with the relevant details.


Introductory Shooting Packages available on Saturdays in August. CLICK HER FOR MORE INFORMATION 


100m Pistol Metalic Silhouette Shoot now held each Friday of the month. (inc 5th Fridays) CLICK HERE TO BOOK IN


Trap competition 28/7/21 cancelled by Shoot Captain. 


2021 SSAA (Qld.) Inc. State Lever Action Championships  September 4th-5th 2021 NOMINATION FORM


We advise there is a permanent change of schedule for the 100m Pistol Silhouette evening match.  The 3rd Thursday match has been moved to the 4th Monday of the month at 7.00pm.


New Pistol Section Update. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION (Must be logged in to view)


Annual Range Pass and Pistol Section renewals are now Due. Invoices have been emailed out (and posted to anyone without email) Make sure to renew before 30 July to avoid late fees.


Reporting of participation records for the 2020-2021 financial year is due by 28/07/2021. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT RETURN 


All Clubs within the Belmont Shooting Complex have been requested to implement temporary changes to sports shooting behaviour to accommodate environmental noise assessments that are actively conducted