Range Safety

Range Template Information

Our range approval at SSAA Brisbane allows us to shoot firearms up to a certain muzzle velocity or muzzle energy. Provided that the load that you are shooting is less than both of the following figures then you are able to shoot it here.

  • Maximum allowable muzzle Velocity 4100 f/s (1250m/s)
  • Maximum allowable muzzle Energy 4182 Ft/lb (5670 j)

Some examples of calibres that are not able to be used here are 338 Lapua, 460 Steyr, 408 Cheytac, 416 Barrett.

Muzzle Energy Calculator

The use of muzzle brakes is restricted to bench 12 or above on the concrete benches. This is a noise mitigation strategy we have put in place to limit the complaints we get from the neighbouring houses.

Below is a table showing some common calibers and some basic ballistic information to help you decide if they can be used at the SSAA Brisbane Range.


Projectile Weight




Muzzle Energy


.22 lr 40 1,200 131 Yes
.233 Remmington 55 3,240 1,265 Yes
6.5 Creedmoor 140 2,710 2,283 Yes
.308 Winchester 150 2,820 2,649 Yes
.300 Winchester Magnum 180 2,960 3,501 No
.338 Lapua Magnum 250 2,900 4,668 No
.50 BMG 700 2,978 13,971 No


Range Safety Video.

Please make sure that you have watched this video at least once before attending the SSAA Brisbane Range.