Request for Supporting Documentation

If you need a letter from the club for any of the following licence administration reasons please download the form from the link below

New Licence Application


Before requesting the QP518 from the club please make sure that you already have completed the following.

  • Been a member of the SSAA Brisbane Pistol Section for at least 6 months
  • Completed at least 3 competition shoots in the last 6 months (only competitions held at SSAA Brisbane will count for this requirement)
  • Completed a Category H safety course and have received the Statement of Attainment within the last 12 months

Existing Licence Renewal

  • Please make sure that your SSAA National membership & SSAA Brisbane Pistol Section membership is up to date

Pistol Support Letter for Permit to Aquire

  • Please make sure to include all details requested. We require all these details to be able to provide you with the club letter.
  • Make, Model, Caliber, Action type, Barrel Length, Magazine Capacity, and competition to use the pistol in.
  • The question requesting "Which competition this pistol is to be used in?" is required as it helps the office to determine if the firearm meets with requirements for SSAA Brisbane competitions. If this field is left blank we may not be able to supply you with the supporting document for your PTA.

High Caliber Endorsement Letter. 



Please make sure to fill out all sections needed, and supply all copies of the documents requested. Due to a high volume of enquiries, please allow at least 3 working days before following up on your enquiry.

Request for supporting documentation (PDF)

Request for supporting documentation (word doc)