Brisbane Junior Target Shooters (BJTS)


Note: Due to Shoot Captain Availability there will be no Junior Section Shoots in March 2024.


Basic Information

Brisbane Junior Target Shooters (BJTS) is a section of the SSAA Brisbane where juniors can take part in competitive shooting in the following disciplines.

  • Field Rifle - 6:00pm on the 4th Friday each month
  • Rimfire Silhouette - 1:00pm on the 2nd Saturday each month

The Junior section operate during the months February - November inclusive

Please arrive 30 min prior to the advertised start time to help with sign-on and setup.


New Shooters Joining the Junior Section.

  • Membership of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia is not initially compulsory for the Junior Target Shooter, however, membership is expected after 3 attendances. The junior must be a member to enter SSAA postal and other major SSAA competitions.
  • New juniors will not be required to compete in the competitions
  • Transition to competitions once the individual is satisfied with their own ability
  • If you are interested in joining the Brisbane Junior Target Shooters section please contact ssaabjts@gmail.com for information on how to become a member.
  • For more information about SSAA Qld Junior Shooting Program https://ssaaqld.org.au/discipline/junior/ 






Field Rifle

The course of fire for the “Field Rifle” Competition consists of:-

  • 10 rounds at 25m – Rapid Fire (4 lots of 3 shots with the best 10 to count)
  • 10 rounds at 25m – Off Hand
  • 10 rounds at 50m – Standing Post Rest
  • 12 rounds at 50m – Sitting Post Rest

More information on Field Rifle


Rimfire Silhouette

In the Rimfire Silhouette matches, 40 shots are taken, one at each of the 10 animal silhouettes placed at the following distances;

  • Chickens 40m
  • Pigs 60m
  • Turkeys 77m
  • Rams 100m

More information on Rimfire Silhouette



  • Any .22LR rimfire bolt action sporting type, magazine-fed, fitted with telescopic sight with a magnification of x6 or lower or adjustable to x6 or lower.
  • Dedicated target-type rifles and thumbhole stocks are not permitted.
  • If you do not own your own 22lr Rimfire Rifle, Club Rifles are only available at the Saturday shoot.
  • It is recommended that you bring at least 100 rounds of .22lr ammunition. This will allow for practice and competition. Ammunition is available for purchase on Saturday from the range shop.



  Range Fees Comp Fees Practice Fees Total Fees
  Non-Members (Starting out)  $ 5.00     $ 3.00   $ 8.00
  SSAA Member (Branch Q01)     $ 3.00     $ 3.00
  BJTS Member     $ 3.00     $ 3.00
  Junior Member with ARP    $ 3.00     $ 3.00
These fees are applicable to each and every event
  • Comp Fees & Practice fees are to cover the costs of paper targets, paint, maintenance of steel targets etc
  • Club Firearms are offered at no cost at the Saturday shoots to any juniors who need one
  • Ammunition will need to be purchased from the club, approximate cost is $10.00 / box of 50 rounds.
  • BJTS Joining Fee $11.00 (Once off, SSAA membership required)



  • To register for a BJTS event click the buttons at the bottom of this page.
  • Registrations are to be made in the name of the Junior attending.
  • Any Fees payable are paid on arrival.



Juniors must bring a photo ID with proof of date of birth. (Ages 11-17 inclusive)

For the purposes of a Minor attending a shooting range, the following is acceptable photo ID:

  • Australian Passport
  • School ID with Photo
  • JP Certified photo of the child (certification to include Date of Birth). Only original certified photo is accepted
  • Learners Permit/Drivers Licence
  • Photo Identification Card issued by Queensland Transport - provides proof of age for Queenslanders aged 15 years or older
  • Parent/guardian must remain with juniors at all times.
  • Adults bringing juniors who are not the legal parent/guardian must bring a letter from the parent/guardian authorising the junior to attend the range to participate in the shooting activity.
  • A shirt/top that covers the upper torso e.g. T-shirt, ‘Polo’ shirt, no singlets. Short sleeves are a minimum requirement.
  • Fully Enclosed footwear and hearing protection are also required (both the Juniors and their adult guardian).
  • All range attendance must comply with the SSAA Brisbane Conditions of Range Attendance



  • Prepared to have a good time and be taught to shoot safely
  • Junior shooters will be provided guidance on-
  • Safe handling of firearms
  • Safety requirements at the range
  • How to shoot from the bench, standing and other shooting positions
  • How to shoot competitions including “Field Rifle” & “Rifle Metallic Silhouette”.
  • Techniques to improve accuracy
  • Competitive level depends on the individual’s choice.
  • A willingness to be well behaved and act in a mature manner is a mandatory requirement.


Special program

Other special events during the year usually consist of:-

  • (Qld) Junior State Championships are held annually.
  • Various National, State, and Zone competitions
  • Come and Try day for handguns (BJTS Members only)
  • Come and Try day for shotguns (BJTS Members only)