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Pistol Section Induction

Induction is when you join the Pistol Club. For more information about joining the Pistol Club and to make a booking please click the button below

Pistol Section Induction

SSAA Holster Course

The drawing of loaded firearms from a holster in competition is an advanced skill. The SSAA Holster Proficiency course provides training and assessment in the safe handling of a Cat H firearm when drawing from and returning to a Holster. To be successful in completing this course it is highly recommended that you practice & be confident with the course of fire described in the attached PDF file before attending the holster course.

You will need to be proficient in the following skills to pass this course.

  • Draw & replace the firearm from the holster without the help of your second hand
  • Demonstrate a high level of general handling skills (safe direction, trigger finger discipline, following range commands)
  • Accurate shooting at 15m with a reasonably fast rate of fire

Holster Course - Course Information

If you are unable to shoot from all 3 shooting stances (Standing, Kneeling/Seated, Prone) please contact the office for more information.

It is also a requirement that you have attended a minimum of 3 competition shoots before attending the holster course to ensure familiarisation and proficiency with the basic handling skills with your desired firearms.

  • This course is open only to Licensed SSAA Brisbane Pistol Section members only.
  • The course focus is SSAA-approved competitions using centrefire ammunition.
  • Only centerfire firearms up to and including a maximum of .38 calibre can be used.
  • A Holster Proficiency Card will be issued from the SSAA (Qld) Inc. State office.
  • At this time, SSAA Brisbane is only offering Semi-Auto & Double Action (modern) Revolver
  • Each booking is only for 1 action type (Semi-auto, Revolver)
  • Cat H rimfire (.22LR) competitors do not draw from a holster.




SSAA Brisbane Range


3-4 Hours


Student must provide their own equipment and be familiar with its operation.

  • Centerfire Category H firearm (Class B)
  • Your holster rig (Belt & Holster) Please read the information sheet for more on holster suitability Holster Course Information
  • Holster belt MUST go through your belt loops. Most shooters use a 2 piece Velcro shooting belt. The inner belt goes through the belt loops, and the outer belt attaches to the inner belt with full-length velcro.
  • Ammunition - at least 48 rounds. No FMJ ammo to be used. For information regarding suitable firearms for night shooting please CLICK HERE

This course covers the following elements, it is highly recommended that you have practiced with your equipment prior to attending. Using a holster is an advanced skill it should not be attempted with live ammuntion until you are comfortable with your equipment, and CANNOT be done on the range until you have passed the course.

  • Explaination of safety principals and club expectations
  • Dry fire practice of all elements in the Indoor Range
  1. Holstering a loaded firearm
  2. Draw pistol and fire from a standing position (single and multiple targets)
  3. Draw pistol and fire when using barricade (Left & Right Handed)
  4. Draw pistol (standing) and fire from prone and kneeling position (including moving between shooting positions)
  • If you are unable to perform all aspect of the course (prone, kneeling etc) you will not be able to gain State Level accreditation.

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To attend this course you must already have your Category H licence.

Level 1 Range Officer Course

The Level 1 Range Officer course is a short course (1.5 hrs) that details legal requirements, and club expectations to be considered when attending the range for personal practice outside of regularly scheduled competition.

To attend this course, you must

  • Be a current SSAA Brisbane Pistol Section Member.
  • You must Have your Category H licence (physical card)
  • Must be able to show participation in a minimum of 3 pistol competition shoots held at SSAA Brisbane before attending the L1RO course, trainee pistol shoots do not meet this participation requirement.
  • For most new members you will need to acquire your first pistol before you can start participating in club competitions.

Firearms & ammunition are not required as this course has no shooting component.

** Please note: you do not require L1RO accreditation to attend regular club competitions**

When: 4:00 pm 3rd Thursday in January, March, May, July, September, November

Pistol Section Level 1 Range Officer Course