Getting Licensed

Obtaining a firearms license is a pretty straightforward, but involved process. Basically, there are 3 steps


Step 1)  Establish a Genuine Reason

  • Category A/B Either Join a Shooting Club or have access to a property to hunt on. 
  1. Join SSAA
  2. Membership confirmation letter or membership card can be used as proof of genuine reason.

Process for Cat A/B (Rifles & Shotguns)   SSAA Membership Application

  • Category H The process of obtaining a Category H licence is more involved. 
  1. Join SSAA
  2. Join the pistol section (in addition to standard SSAA membership)
  3. Maintain pistol section membership for at least 6 months
  4. Attend at least 3 competition shoots in the 6 months prior to the licence application
  5. Obtain QP518 form from the club to apply for your licence.

Process for Cat H (Pistols / Handguns)    


Step 2)  Complete a Firearms Safety Course

  • SSAA Brisbane hold courses each month and are specific to the licence you are wishing to apply for.
  • SSAA Brisbane do not offer combined A/B+H courses
  • SSAA Brisbane do not offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) courses.

Booking a firearm safety course with SSAA Brisbane


Step 3)  Apply for a licence.

  • Once you have completed both Step 1 & Step 2 you can then apply for your licence.
  • We recommend licence applications be submitted online with Queensland Police for the fastest turnaround.

Click here to apply for a firearms licence with Qld Police