Holster Course

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$22.00 per session
Indoor Range, 292 Mount Petrie Rd

The SSAA Holster Proficiency course provides training and assessment in the safe handling of a Cat H firearm when drawing from and returning to a Holster.

  • The course focus is SSAA approved competitions using centrefire ammunition.
  • Only centerfire firearms up to and including a maximum of .38 caliber can be used.
  • A Holster Proficiency Card will be issued from the SSAA (Qld) Inc. State office.
  • At this time SSAA Brisbane is only offering Semi-Auto & Double Action (modern) Revolver
  • Cat H rimfire (.22LR) competitors do not draw from a holster.

Cost: $22.00
Venue: SSAA Brisbane Range.
Duration: 3-4 hours (Depending on numbers)
Equipment: Student must provide thier own equipment and be familiar with its operation.

  • Centerfire Category H firearm (Class B)
  • Your own holster rig (Belt & Holster)
  • Ammunition - at least 48 rounds. No FMJ ammo to be used.
  • SSAA Membership card

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Each booking is only for 1 action type (Semi-auto, Revolver)

To attend this course you must already have your Category H licence.


5 spots available
6 spots available
6 spots available