Low/High Field - 4th Thursday 7:00pm

Event information

Registration for this event closes at Thu 27 Jun 2024 19:00.

General Information

Shotgun permits the use of any smoothbore shotgun up to 12-gauge to shoot clay targets. 

Squads of up to six competitors shoot alternately from their designated positions. Competitors will rotate over the 10 positions, five at a time, until the competition is completed.


Your choice of 25 or 50 targets thrown from various traps.

When booking please select from 25 targets or 50 targets, only 1 option can be selected.

Ammunition Required

It is recommended you bring 100 cartridges, as some targets may allow a second shot to break the clay target.

Maximum Attendance

This competition will be limited to 15 competitors. 

Range and Competition Fees

Range Fee $10.00 + Admin Fee $2.00 + Target Fee Selected when booking.

Booking Information (Annual Range Pass)

When making a booking, if you have a SSAA Brisbane Annual Range Pass (ARP) you will need to apply the discount code "ARP" on the last page.

This will discount the Range Fee ($10.00) from the total.

For this to work you must be logged in.


When making a booking for a junior, please contact the office during business hours. 07 3395 0911

Booking Cancellations

If you are unable to attend your shoot please contact the office 07 3395 0911 or email bookings@ssaabris.org.au during regular business hours (Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm)

In the event of a booking cancellation, this will incur a $5.00 administration fee.