Try Benchrest Shooting

Come and try the sport of rifle shooting in a safe and friendly environment. You will be supervised by one of our experienced Range Officers

Min 11 years of age. Photo ID required.

We recommend that first-time shooters try the Rimfire Package. 

Rimfire rifles are comfortable and quiet to fire, allowing you to focus on developing your foundation skills.

Please Note: To attend you must be able to understand and comply with all range commands and instruction provided in English without translation.


(22LR) - $100.00/person

50 Rounds of Ammunition

Targets placed at 50m



(223) - $150.00/person

40 Rounds of Ammunition

Targets placed at 50-100m



(6.5 CREEDMORE) - $200.00/person

40 Rounds of Ammunition

Targets ranging from 100m - 500m


Each booking is for 1 person only. 2 separate bookings will be required if 2 people wish to participate.

Maximum of 2 bookings per session.

A $50 deposit is required to secure a booking, with the balance to be paid on arrival.

Bookings cancelled within 7 days, without reasonable excuse, may forfeit the deposit. 

Try Shooting packages are available on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.

As dates become available, they are posted on this website.

Please check back here periodically for new dates.


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Can I do this event if I don't have a licence?

People in good standing of at least 11 years of age are able to shoot under special supervision. You will need to provide an official Photo ID (driver licence, passport, school/university ID,…) and sign a statutory declaration that you are not an excluded person under Queensland law.

What do I need to bring with me?

Every person on the range must wear appropriate clothing; As a minimum:

  • Fully enclosed shoes – no thongs, sandals, or partially enclosed shoes e.g. Crocs.
  • A shirt/top that covers the upper torso e.g. T-shirt, ‘Polo’ shirt, no singlets or sleeveless shirts.
  • No more than one piece (or 50%) of camouflage clothing on the upper body or legs.
  • No clothing or items that may cause alarm can be worn e.g. military ‘Flak’ jackets, military-style webbing, or combat vests, etc.

All people attending the range must wear all personal protective equipment as directed, including wearing fully enclosed shoes and hearing protection.

Earplugs for hearing protection are provided as part of the Try Shooting Packages and are suitable for most people. If you have sensitive hearing or are uncomfortable in noisy environments then you should bring your own preferred hearing protection; such as earmuffs. Alternatively, we have a selection of earmuffs for sale ranging from $20.00 to $150.00.(Please note that noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds designed for use when listening to music do not meet Australian standards for hearing protection and therefore can not be used as hearing protection at the range.)

Does the Range have an Alcohol Policy?

No alcohol or drugs are to be consumed or administered immediately before or while participating in any club shooting activities. The Club has a zero-tolerance approach to possession and use of alcohol and/or drugs.  Having physical possession or use of a weapon while under the influence of alcohol or a drug is an offence under the Weapons Act 1990 (Qld).

What is included?

Your fee includes the use of the club firearms, range fee, ammunition, hearing protection, targets, and coaching by an experienced club instructor.

I want to book a group with more than 2 people in it?

To enquire about groups larger than 2 people please contact the office to discuss. (07) 3395 0911

Can I share on Social Media?
Yes, but please follow our Social Media policy posted on the range, and published on our website. Photos must not suggest danger or aggression, so ask your instructor to stage the photos for you. You are not permitted to tag or mention any person without their consent.
SSAA Brisbane - Social Media Policy

Can I take my paper targets home?
Yes, please take your paper targets home and show your friends.

Can I take unused ammunition home?
No, only people with a Weapons Act licence can possess ammunition.

Can I share my booking with a friend?
No, this booking is per person. Any additional people attending will require their own booking, at the full rate.

All the dates are booked out, when do more dates become available to book?

Usually, dates for the following month are posted in the third week of the month, however, session availability is subject to Volunteer Range Officer availability. When availability is confirmed, sessions are posted online and made available to book.

Persons attending Shooting Packages must meet the following requirements:

Unlicensed shooters must complete a QPS Form 33 (Declaration by an unauthorised person for use of a weapon at an approved range) and sign the range register;

For the purposes of a Minor (11-17 years) attending a shooting range, the following is an acceptable photo ID:

  • Passport
  • School ID with Photo
  • JP Certified photo of the child (certification to include Date of Birth). Only original certified photo is accepted
  • Learners Permit/Drivers Licence
  • Photo Identification Card issued by Queensland Transport - provides proof of age for Queenslanders aged 15 years or older

All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. If they are not accompanied by their parent /guardian they are required to provide written permission to attend a shooting range signed by their parent/guardian;

If an unlicensed shooter ticks yes to any of the below questions, they will be asked to leave the property immediately. The last two questions refer to a firearms licence not a driver's licence.

Any person who is considered not eligible for a firearms licence is not permitted to remain on the premises and should not attend.

All range users must understand and comply with Range Officer instruction; the Range Standing Orders and Club Rules (on display in the foyer area);

Anyone choosing not to comply with these policies and any direction from our Range Officers will be asked to leave the range immediately;

Anyone who cannot/will not comply with range attendance conditions, should not attend;