Set your sights on safety The first step to compliant shooting sports participation and firearms ownership From 50 metres to 500 metres, from the bench, prone and standing Family friendly, beginner to experienced And the smiles are a certainty From smallbore to fullbore, precision benchrest competition tests your metal and your shooting skill Make new friends and spend time with old friends, social, friendly, competitive and safe Real Adventure Shooting Activity lets you come and try the shooting sports in a safe and controlled environment for men and women, young and old A sport that does not favour men over women, tall over short, powerful over mild physique, it is the great equaliser Competition, practice, tuition, and safety in a welcoming environment for all

Range Safety Video

Please watch this safety video before visiting our range.

training video

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All Firearms Licence holders must present their current firearms licence for inspection. All unlicensed persons from age 11 must show current photo ID.

No Comply - No Entry

Range Hours

Monday to Thursday: 1pm-5pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 8am-5pm

Range closed: Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day & half Anzac Day

Public Holidays Excluding Mondays: 8am-5pm

Office Open: Monday-Friday: 9am-4pm

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  • SSAA National Long Range Precision Championships will be held in Tasmania from October 21 to 23 at the Campbell Town Rifle Club. Class A matches at 400, 600, 800, 1000 yards. Nominations open soon. Long Range Precision rules.