This course is designed to help new shooters who have just purchased their first rifle and have little to no experience. We will guide you through some basic skills and techniques to get you and your equipment setup and pointed in the right direction.... toward the target .



For the safety of all members on the range, it is a requirement that all range users must be able to understand and comply with all range commands and instructions provided in English without translation.




(SSAA Members)



Max 5 person per session

Book through our website Limited availability.







Topics covered during this course include.

  • Basic Range Etiquette.
  • Basic Rifle Setup - How all the components fit together.
  • Basic Rifle Maintenance - Basic cleaning
  • Proper Sight alignment - How to align your body to the rifle to obtain a correct sight picture through your scope, or iron sights.
  • Breathing and trigger control - how to make the most of each shot, to hit that bullseye.
  • Shooting positions - Initial coaching is limited to shooting from a bench.
  • Basic instruction on reading wind and understanding bullet drop.
  • 2 targets will be provided as part of the package. ( 1x 17Q and 1x 5E )



To attend this course, you will need the following.

  • Current AB Firearms Licence. (MUST be licensed)
  • Your Rifle & Ammunition. No larger than 308. Club firearms are not available. (We recommend bringing at least 50 rounds.)
  • Your Range Gear Bag (typical contents being)
    • Basic cleaning supplies (Bore snake & Gun Oil), or
    • Advanced Cleaning supplies (Cleaning Rod, Brush, Jag, Patches, Gun Oil etc.)
    • Rifle Shooting Rest / Bipod & Rear Bag
    • Staple Gun / Thumb tacks
    • Spotting Score (not required, but handy)
    • Small notepad & pen (not required, but handy)
    • 6” Steel Ruler (not required, but handy)
    • Tools for your firearm. (action screws, scope base/rings etc)

* Cleaning supplies are available for purchase from the range shop.



Please note: This is not a Try Shooting Package; it is a skill coaching course. You must hold a current firearms licence and bring & use your own equipment. If you want to try shooting for the first time or just looking for a fun activity for a few hours, please try our Try Shooting Packages.

Try Shooting Packages





All the dates are booked out, when do more dates become available to book?

Usually, dates for the following month are posted in the third week of the month, however, session availability is subject to Volunteer Range Officer availability. When availability is confirmed, sessions are posted online and made available to book.


My licence has been approved, I just don't have the card yet, can I do this course?

No. We need to be able to see your current Weapons licence before you can participate. You also need your own equipment.


Is my rifle suitable to use for this course?

All firearms used at SSAA Brisbane must be under the following limits. 3200ft/lb or 3500fps.

As a rule, anything equal to or below 30-06 should be suitable. For more information, please check our website.


What is included?
Your fee covers your Range Fee, 2x Targets and the wisdom your instructor chooses to share with you.


Can I share on social media?
Yes, but please follow our Social Media policy posted on the range and published on our website. Photos must not suggest danger or aggression, so ask your instructor to stage the photos for you. You are not permitted to tag or mention any person without their consent. For more information, please check our website.


Can I take my paper targets home?
Yes, please take your paper targets home and show your friends.


Can I take unused ammunition home?
Yes, it's your ammunition.


Can I share my booking with a friend?
No, this booking is per person. Any additional people attending will require a separate booking, at the full rate.


Are there any clothing requirements?

Every person on the range must wear appropriate clothing, As a minimum

  • Fully enclosed shoes – no thongs, sandals, or partially enclosed shoes e.g. Crocs.
  • A shirt/top that covers the upper torso e.g. T-shirt, ‘Polo’ shirt, no singlets. Short sleeves are a minimum requirement.
  • No more than one piece (or 50%) of camouflage clothing on the upper body or legs.
  • No clothing or items that may cause alarm can be worn e.g. military ‘Flak’ jackets, military-styled webbing, or combat vests, etc.





Alcohol and Drugs:  No alcohol or drugs are to be consumed or administered immediately before or while participating in any club shooting activities. The Club has a zero-tolerance approach to possession and use of alcohol and/or drugs.  Having physical possession or use of a weapon while under the influence of alcohol or a drug is an offence under the Weapons Act 1990 (Qld).